Chaos Mind Only Five Copies Left

I don’t have a storefront, but I do have poetry books. I have written two books of poetry. My first book, Chaos Mind: Inspiration from Moments of Desperation was written and published in 2013. My second book Introspection: Deep Within The Frontal Lobe in 2015.

Since then I have been busy writing and trying to establish myself as a serious poet. I say that because I wrote and published my first book before almost anyone knew I was a writer and a poet. I typically start these type of things in life in backward order.

So tracking my inventory I have five copies of my first edition and the first book left. Because the number five is my favorite I’m selling the last five I have for $5.00. If you want a copy, please email me.

Also, if you are interested in first editions of my second book, I only have twenty copies left. Those are $10.00 each.

Here is my email address.

Thank you for support me, my writing, and my poetry!

-Dallas J. Moore

the bystander zine

Earlier this year I decided to put together a literary zine. The new zine I started, called the bystander, is a collective project connecting and sharing the work of other writers and poets across the country and the world. It is available online for free viewing and the ability to share as a PDF.

Below is the mission of the bystander zine.

we do not believe in standing by idly as
the world spins. we rise up with words
and speak our truth.  we aim to inspire
those who need inspiration. we speak
for those who need a voice or don’t
have their own. we hope this zine will
help inspire you and help you find your

If you would like to submit original work to be published in the bystander zine, email us: