Expressions and words
Tongue tied and swallowed
Ink dripping from the fountain pen
Hands curl like twisted branches
Vines cover your face
As you disappear into the darkness
I won’t miss you

© Dallas J. Moore

Picture of Me

For once I see a clear picture of the future
I see myself
bent down
Looking at myself in a stream
I can see who I became
I can see the rocks and pebbles
of the past
below the water
And the welcoming fish
of tomorrow

© Dallas J. Moore

On The Way Home

The traffic is snaking like madness
The red lights
are making my eyes rot
I can’t see out my mirrors
The spitting rain has covered them clearly
The right turn signal
of the patron in front of me is making me insane

© Dallas J. Moore

the bystander zine

Earlier this year I decided to put together a literary zine. The new zine I started, called the bystander, is a collective project connecting and sharing the work of other writers and poets across the country and the world. It is available online for free viewing and the ability to share as a PDF.

Below is the mission of the bystander zine.

we do not believe in standing by idly as
the world spins. we rise up with words
and speak our truth.  we aim to inspire
those who need inspiration. we speak
for those who need a voice or don’t
have their own. we hope this zine will
help inspire you and help you find your

If you would like to submit original work to be published in the bystander zine, email us: