Chaos Mind Only Five Copies Left

I don’t have a storefront, but I do have poetry books. I have written two books of poetry. My first book, Chaos Mind: Inspiration from Moments of Desperation was written and published in 2013. My second book Introspection: Deep Within The Frontal Lobe in 2015.

Since then I have been busy writing and trying to establish myself as a serious poet. I say that because I wrote and published my first book before almost anyone knew I was a writer and a poet. I typically start these type of things in life in backward order.

So tracking my inventory I have five copies of my first edition and the first book left. Because the number five is my favorite I’m selling the last five I have for $5.00. If you want a copy, please email me.

Also, if you are interested in first editions of my second book, I only have twenty copies left. Those are $10.00 each.

Here is my email address.

Thank you for support me, my writing, and my poetry!

-Dallas J. Moore

Unwanted Canvas (Basement Temptation)

Layered in layers on a cold night
The colors of fall have bled and are fallen at my feet
The breeze catches the smoke from my cigar
The brick creates a back light for the smoke
Cars line the streets in an endless fashion

I can’t help but stair at the abandoned painting
From the sidewalk, I can see in the basement
A snow-covered farm and a buried red barn
I believe this building has a hold on me

I have changed
I have become something new
I can’t help but dive into what I’m becoming
This new self is consumed by thought
Thoughts that continue to mount and change and evolve

A direct line from my brain to my fingers
Typing as fast as I can think proves to be a challenge
My tongue can only move so fast as my eyes dart across the street
This beat in my head
I wish I could sing it out loud
It’s an attitude
It’s a state of mind
It’s a strut and a walk to present yourself to the world

Here I am
Take me now
Enjoy this moment of truth and honesty

I can see the lights on across the street
Is he painting or making music?
This community of creatives

Change has happened again
Go out while on top?
Competition in regard to you is silly
I can’t compete on your experience
I can’t compete with your existence
I don’t want to lose because you can’t balance my creativity

This new me is fresh
I feel the air
I taste the snow
I understand the sun
I can see tomorrow

© Dallas J. Moore 2013

Plastic People

From my desk
Plastic people watch me work
They are dressed in costumes
There is a Dutch pretzel maker
A lion tamer
A deep sea diver and
A cowgirl

I wonder what they think of me?
Watching me work
My eyes darting around my computer screen
Staring at people outside
Going to the kitchen for a snack
Reading in my chair
Fumbling to find my lost pen

From my desk
These plastic people watch over me

Sometimes I wish they could speak
I believe they would tell great stories
They inspire me
With their yellow heads and painted faces
Their legs locked to plastic blocks

I wonder if they see me?
Trying to understand life
Aching when I’m in pain
Laughing with moments of joy
Angered when my day is lost
Excited to center my thoughts
Focused on whatever book I’m reading

All my friends
Lined up to see me
They stand atop my computer screen
Looking out into the vast empty…..

© Dallas J. Moore 2013



I’m good at wearing a mask
I can hide myself from everyone
No need to justify anything
Because I can be whatever you want
I can be anyone
I can be anything
Hidden in the shadows I cower, I cry, I pretend
I’m good at showing you what you want to see
I’m good at being what you want me to be
The truth is, you have no idea who I truly am
You have never seen the true me
Inside I’m broken
Inside I’m alone
Inside I cry for salvation
I’m just like you, but I will never tell you that
I choose to hide myself
It’s easier to be anyone else, than it is to be me

© Dallas J. Moore 2013


I Must Walk On

In the snow, I find peace
The white abyss is my salvation
Pieces of above falling to wash over us
Looking at my snowshoe – honeycomb pattern

I know I have to walk on
I have to walk through this

Trudging on

My memories are found here
Under my feet, I can compress it
In the air, I can release it
Walking in silence is my peace

The fresh white around us
The fresh white above us
All falling down to become us

© Dallas J. Moore 2015


Self Sabotage

A collective chaos fell
The spinning world stopped
Birds can fly straight lines
Headed North for home
Headed South for winter
Directions open and a compass pivots

When the tornado stops
Motion is still felt inside
For hours or days, everything is uneasy
When chaos is absent, we create our own
Battles and wars and open broken sores
Compassionate selection wavers in choice

Straps hold us down, unbridled release
Decisions revoked and skin opened up
Muscles and nerves poked
Electric shock
Mercy on me
Mercy on my soul

I give it up
I give it all to you
Guide me

© Dallas J. Moore 2013


Cloud Racing

When I dream, my eyes are open
Clouds race below my feet as my arms reach out in front, guiding the way
Spears of light jet past me as the speed of travel increases

Life’s clock ticks by, time slows down towards the end
Free-floating, thoughtless, empty, simple thoughts
Echoes fill my mind, thoughts, feelings, and memories…hold on

The reality of dreams waver as I awake
Sitting alone, my world is far from racing clouds and spears of jetting light
What I make of where I am is not a dream, but my reality

The sirens of beauty lead me
My eyes closed now, trust in front of me
Floating faith of directionless freedom awaits

© Dallas J. Moore 2013



When we dream
Everything moves in slow motion
The color streak in our eyes
In our minds, moments stick
Time pulls and creates smudges
When we have time to realize
Everything that’s happened
We look back and hold on
Nothing can hold still
Life is in constant motion
If we had control
We would abuse it
Take things for granted
Spoil our supper on the table
Examine our own hearts
This endless emotion floats
Even when we close our minds
We shut down and shut off
Life continues without us
I hope and pray you understand
These moments and dreams
Part of life
They are all one within u
An every-chancing landscape
As the grey surrounds us
The colors come forth
They escape us
To surround us
Protecting us from everything
We all need more practice
Letting go our our lives
Holding on to moments
They all pass together
There is no point
Don’t argue again
Forget about pain
Push down and away hate
This will burn you out
Break you down
And implode around you
Don’t take it on yourself
The world is here for us all
You don’t have to fight alone
We can work together
Live as people should
Share our dreams and secrets
Care about our neighbors
Hold our friends above us
Raise families and children
Break down barriers
Understand social justice
Explain the rules of the world
Everything can be cleaned
If we take the time to wash it
Drown it all away
Wipe the stains and crumbs
If we choose to make a choice
When we dream to make noise
Happiness can become us
Joy will overtake and fill us
Life will call us to action
We can
We will

© Dallas J. Moore 2013

Reality of A Dream

An echo lingers in my ear, the last thing she ever said to me in my sleep
Dreams of fields and flowers, endless and forever
The soft sound of a piano fills the air and collides with the coming storm
The uproar of an orchestra scares the life back into me and I can feel again
This dream has become a reality and I’m afraid I will never get home
This is a dream; this is my reality

© Dallas J. Moore 2013


The Red-Faced Man

Getting off the interstate, I saw a man walking
His face was wrapped in red and topped with grey
Keeping his head and face warm to be sure
His navy blue body held strong in the wind
His mitten hands were light wood-brown
He waited patiently for the light to change
His soft ambience made me aware
How scary he looked at first glance
A bank robber on a mission
I don’t think he would cause any harm
When I turned, I saw him behind me
Standing there
Waiting for the light to change
Practicing patience
A red-faced man topped with grey
His navy body walked on into the day

© Dallas J. Moore 2013