On The Way Home

The traffic is snaking like madness
The red lights
are making my eyes rot
I can’t see out my mirrors
The spitting rain has covered them clearly
The right turn signal
of the patron in front of me is making me insane

© Dallas J. Moore

In The Morning

The phantom rider emerged
from the orange glow of the morning
Behind him,
the field smoked
Waving white flags
lined the edge of the clearing
Silence filled the air
Only broken by a calling bird

© Dallas J. Moore

the bystander zine

Earlier this year I decided to put together a literary zine. The new zine I started, called the bystander, is a collective project connecting and sharing the work of other writers and poets across the country and the world. It is available online for free viewing and the ability to share as a PDF.

Below is the mission of the bystander zine.

we do not believe in standing by idly as
the world spins. we rise up with words
and speak our truth.  we aim to inspire
those who need inspiration. we speak
for those who need a voice or don’t
have their own. we hope this zine will
help inspire you and help you find your

If you would like to submit original work to be published in the bystander zine, email us: thebystanderzine@gmail.com.

Unwanted Canvas (Basement Temptation)

Layered in layers on a cold night
The colors of fall have bled and are fallen at my feet
The breeze catches the smoke from my cigar
The brick creates a back light for the smoke
Cars line the streets in an endless fashion

I can’t help but stair at the abandoned painting
From the sidewalk, I can see in the basement
A snow-covered farm and a buried red barn
I believe this building has a hold on me

I have changed
I have become something new
I can’t help but dive into what I’m becoming
This new self is consumed by thought
Thoughts that continue to mount and change and evolve

A direct line from my brain to my fingers
Typing as fast as I can think proves to be a challenge
My tongue can only move so fast as my eyes dart across the street
This beat in my head
I wish I could sing it out loud
It’s an attitude
It’s a state of mind
It’s a strut and a walk to present yourself to the world

Here I am
Take me now
Enjoy this moment of truth and honesty

I can see the lights on across the street
Is he painting or making music?
This community of creatives

Change has happened again
Go out while on top?
Competition in regard to you is silly
I can’t compete on your experience
I can’t compete with your existence
I don’t want to lose because you can’t balance my creativity

This new me is fresh
I feel the air
I taste the snow
I understand the sun
I can see tomorrow

© Dallas J. Moore 2013

Where Have I Been?

So, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I bet you thought I fell off the face of the Earth or gave up on writing. The short answer is no. Actually, I’ve been writing a great deal, but haven’t had the time to sit down and post anything new here. If you are on Instagram, you should follow me. I’d love to know what you are up to and learn more about you.

I have been writing a lot of haiku poetry and mixing it with my photography. I purchased a set of three lenses for my iPhone 6 (micro, fish eye, and wide). With the warm weather, I’ve been out getting inspired, writing, and taking photos (something I love, but am not amazing at).

Apart from that, I’ve ordered limited runs of some of those haiku poems with my original photography. If you are interested, you can view them at my Etsy Shop. If you feel like supporting my writing career,  you are more than welcome to purchase one or all of these limited prints. Currently there are 13 different haiku poems listed, five of each are available for purchase. Once I sell all five, I will not order more. When they are gone, they are gone.

I hope you will take a moment to check out my store. Please feel free to share any thoughts, feelings, or ideas you have. I’d love to hear some of your feedback. Lastly, let’s connect on Instagram. As I said, I’d love to learn more about you and share my work with you daily (as that has been my goal for this year, sharing one new piece daily).

Happy June!

-Dallas J. Moore

A Conscious Thought, Flowing

Limitless boundaries of opportunities
My mind is a wandering maze of thought
Trying to find my place with my writing
I get little fragments of insight and inspiration
Conscious streams of consciousness
A new perspective to writing
Ideas of flowing thought, written on paper

I had never thought about the possibility
Who would ever want to read?
Maybe the point is to write, not to think
To feel and share and express and become vulnerable
Not to fear the judgement that may or may not come

Looking out the window, I can feel my thoughts take over
My mind wanders out of control and I zone into the vast, empty space
The blue sky clouded by broken tree branches, extended from the ground
Typing and writing, my mind races faster that my fingers can type
Seeking inspiration from anything, everywhere, all day long
I soak it up into my pours, so I can squeeze it out

Spending 22 hours a week, staring at a computer
Kills and creates an impending doom or inspiration Everything I feel and think follows me here to die
Unwilling to rediscover myself, I need to escape this prison
This time it’s not inside myself, there are physical walls
Real rooms with doors and windows and chains
Bathroom stalls with rough toilet paper and cheap soap
Doors with locks and keys in my pocket
I want to release myself, if I could just be bold and brave and dare
Freedom in arms reach, within myself I need to find a mirror
Encourage the face to find the courage to take
Dream of tomorrow, believe it today, rise up inside
Broken dead dreams aside

Looking through the tangled mess around me, I cut through it all
Tearing and cutting and making my way
Around this world, as it spins, I lose my place
Reaching and climbing for ground, I start to fade
Slower and faster the world spins out of control
Everything is an illusion and time will tell
I feel oppressed and undervalued
Overworked and underestimated
Beaten by a system that never wanted me
Created by my own blood and waste
Determined to walk though it alone
I chase and dare and dream and dine
This world has become something unseen
Everything is mine
I dare it all to spite me

© Dallas J. Moore 2015