Unwanted Canvas (Basement Temptation)

Layered in layers on a cold night
The colors of fall have bled and are fallen at my feet
The breeze catches the smoke from my cigar
The brick creates a back light for the smoke
Cars line the streets in an endless fashion

I can’t help but stair at the abandoned painting
From the sidewalk, I can see in the basement
A snow-covered farm and a buried red barn
I believe this building has a hold on me

I have changed
I have become something new
I can’t help but dive into what I’m becoming
This new self is consumed by thought
Thoughts that continue to mount and change and evolve

A direct line from my brain to my fingers
Typing as fast as I can think proves to be a challenge
My tongue can only move so fast as my eyes dart across the street
This beat in my head
I wish I could sing it out loud
It’s an attitude
It’s a state of mind
It’s a strut and a walk to present yourself to the world

Here I am
Take me now
Enjoy this moment of truth and honesty

I can see the lights on across the street
Is he painting or making music?
This community of creatives

Change has happened again
Go out while on top?
Competition in regard to you is silly
I can’t compete on your experience
I can’t compete with your existence
I don’t want to lose because you can’t balance my creativity

This new me is fresh
I feel the air
I taste the snow
I understand the sun
I can see tomorrow

© Dallas J. Moore 2013

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