A Conscious Thought, Flowing

Limitless boundaries of opportunities
My mind is a wandering maze of thought
Trying to find my place with my writing
I get little fragments of insight and inspiration
Conscious streams of consciousness
A new perspective to writing
Ideas of flowing thought, written on paper

I had never thought about the possibility
Who would ever want to read?
Maybe the point is to write, not to think
To feel and share and express and become vulnerable
Not to fear the judgement that may or may not come

Looking out the window, I can feel my thoughts take over
My mind wanders out of control and I zone into the vast, empty space
The blue sky clouded by broken tree branches, extended from the ground
Typing and writing, my mind races faster that my fingers can type
Seeking inspiration from anything, everywhere, all day long
I soak it up into my pours, so I can squeeze it out

Spending 22 hours a week, staring at a computer
Kills and creates an impending doom or inspiration Everything I feel and think follows me here to die
Unwilling to rediscover myself, I need to escape this prison
This time it’s not inside myself, there are physical walls
Real rooms with doors and windows and chains
Bathroom stalls with rough toilet paper and cheap soap
Doors with locks and keys in my pocket
I want to release myself, if I could just be bold and brave and dare
Freedom in arms reach, within myself I need to find a mirror
Encourage the face to find the courage to take
Dream of tomorrow, believe it today, rise up inside
Broken dead dreams aside

Looking through the tangled mess around me, I cut through it all
Tearing and cutting and making my way
Around this world, as it spins, I lose my place
Reaching and climbing for ground, I start to fade
Slower and faster the world spins out of control
Everything is an illusion and time will tell
I feel oppressed and undervalued
Overworked and underestimated
Beaten by a system that never wanted me
Created by my own blood and waste
Determined to walk though it alone
I chase and dare and dream and dine
This world has become something unseen
Everything is mine
I dare it all to spite me

© Dallas J. Moore 2015

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