Plastic People

From my desk
Plastic people watch me work
They are dressed in costumes
There is a Dutch pretzel maker
A lion tamer
A deep sea diver and
A cowgirl

I wonder what they think of me?
Watching me work
My eyes darting around my computer screen
Staring at people outside
Going to the kitchen for a snack
Reading in my chair
Fumbling to find my lost pen

From my desk
These plastic people watch over me

Sometimes I wish they could speak
I believe they would tell great stories
They inspire me
With their yellow heads and painted faces
Their legs locked to plastic blocks

I wonder if they see me?
Trying to understand life
Aching when I’m in pain
Laughing with moments of joy
Angered when my day is lost
Excited to center my thoughts
Focused on whatever book I’m reading

All my friends
Lined up to see me
They stand atop my computer screen
Looking out into the vast empty…..

© Dallas J. Moore 2013


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