A Patient Statue

A crowded city at dusk
Living breathing with chaos and life
Lights begin to break through high-rise windows
The bridge is a crowded mess of fathers and mothers

Below, endless water to cleanse a stressful day
Commuters focused on home and dinner and family
A statue sits, calming, in a meditation pose
Reminding us to practice patience

Her naked body begins to crack and move
It is slowly coming alive
Light is jetting through the open cracks of stone
Is this the hidden soul of the world?
I wait patiently

I wait for her eyes to open
I listen hoping she will say something
Even if I just catch it in the evening air
The cracks become larger
More light starts to break through
The light is beginning to engulf her
As I shield my eyes, the light becomes her
Warming me and creating an unexplainable emotion

I stand alone, feeling full…

© Dallas J. Moore 2015

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