When we dream
Everything moves in slow motion
The color streak in our eyes
In our minds, moments stick
Time pulls and creates smudges
When we have time to realize
Everything that’s happened
We look back and hold on
Nothing can hold still
Life is in constant motion
If we had control
We would abuse it
Take things for granted
Spoil our supper on the table
Examine our own hearts
This endless emotion floats
Even when we close our minds
We shut down and shut off
Life continues without us
I hope and pray you understand
These moments and dreams
Part of life
They are all one within u
An every-chancing landscape
As the grey surrounds us
The colors come forth
They escape us
To surround us
Protecting us from everything
We all need more practice
Letting go our our lives
Holding on to moments
They all pass together
There is no point
Don’t argue again
Forget about pain
Push down and away hate
This will burn you out
Break you down
And implode around you
Don’t take it on yourself
The world is here for us all
You don’t have to fight alone
We can work together
Live as people should
Share our dreams and secrets
Care about our neighbors
Hold our friends above us
Raise families and children
Break down barriers
Understand social justice
Explain the rules of the world
Everything can be cleaned
If we take the time to wash it
Drown it all away
Wipe the stains and crumbs
If we choose to make a choice
When we dream to make noise
Happiness can become us
Joy will overtake and fill us
Life will call us to action
We can
We will

© Dallas J. Moore 2013

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