The Edge of Life

Everything has disintegrated and disappeared. All that’s left are ashes and dust. Rusted dreams stuck between metal and me. Wrapped packages and bows tied too tight. I’d loosen the noose if I could reach the rope dangling over my head, tied to the fan, surely to fail if I stepped off the chair. I’m getting down. I’m stepping off. I walking out. I can’t let this weight wish me away or force me to jump again today.

Boxes in stacks hold memories held away. Don’t open the past and force yourself to look away. These days are gone. These moments are no more. Forward we must walk for feelings are fleeting and forbidden forever. I walked through a window and out of the world broken by broken mirrors and unspeakable expectations. I want no part in the future of the random acts of kindness and your blanketed blindness. Forget your high school assignments and study for the life that’s just beginning.

Selfish sadness consumes you. Blocking out the light with large clouds of distraction only perpetuates the storm. This will all fall. The world you live in will be contoured and fall. It is not real to dream and live. This perception is morbid and thin. The experiences gained will help in future terrain,  but walk away. I have already run away to hide. I am not ready to submit,  surrender and die. I must look to the sky and keep eye on my own life for future and failure are not part of mine; pathway looking down the line. Dotted lines in a long straight road; life.

© Dallas J. Moore 2015

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