Demonic Mirror

The mirror has been broken my whole life. The reflection is not me, but what was broken and hidden inside. Flesh covered bones. Weak innocence. Determined dreams of endless direction. Youth without recourse and reason. Passionate embrace. Keep the creature within, suffocate and surround him. Overcome and overtake him. Swallowed whole by the master fighting to come forward. Buried under rubble of fallen palaces and persecution.

The demon’s eyes bring red, lava-filled soul, swallowed whole. Dark shadows dance on the walls. They mock and prod my self worth and wait to attack. They wait in silence,  stirring in the faded light sneaking in beneath the door. The only ways out are to shrink down and dissolve into the floor, or leak out under the break under the door frame.

My pulse quickens as I begin to change. The me I know, the one I see inside, begins to shine in the mirror, breaking through the warn and weathered flesh of a young man.

© Dallas J. Moore 2015

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