The broken beams of light scream. The chase inside, cellular rebuilding,  platelets collecting. The facet runs only warm. Washed and cleansed and pure. Beginning this day, dug out from the tomb.

Arial acrobatic stunts amaze. Eyes fixate and dilate and change. Colors bloom, rich soil churned and turned up. Dust and decay flower new life. Clarity of sight, of words, of dreams. Layers of clothing and sheets keep us. Prayers and sleep, loss of consciousness. New levels of unexplained reality.

The temporary tales of your life. Characters you will become, people you will meet and the adventures you will have. This is all beginning. Chapter one. The pen has reached the paper. This is your jumping off point, your leap of faith. Extend your wings and sore and fly and climb and carry the world with you as you go. Seek and see and find your truth. Beneath you shapes of stories and people as ants. Everything is out of focus. The horizon awaits. The sun is rising. The day is now. Warmth consumes you and swallows you whole. Take a deep breath.

Enjoy this moment.

Let go.

© Dallas J. Moore 2015

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