Every Generation

I think there is a fine line between conformity and tradition.

I think that’s the difference between creating a standard and honoring one.

Every generation has a voice and a face, an ideal that’s created. A figurehead of influence. A way to communicate an ideal to the masses, to point them in a direction and inspire their allegiance.

Every generation has a mold it’s trying to break free from – to create something unique, something that is theirs. The generation before did the same. Every parent hopes for more for his children; every child grows up. They instill their same feelings into their children, always wanting the next generation to have more, to have it better.

Every generation has a stigma it’s trying to change – a disjointed view of the world around them. This view clouds their judgement, expectations, and understanding of hope.

A level of unspoken respect is required for us all to move forward together. Neither generation wants to fall or admit fault. Every generation wants to stand tall and proud. Together is the only way we can accomplish what the future holds.

© Dallas J. Moore 2015

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