What Follows an Echo?

The blinding line
Between dreams and reality
The moments of silence
That follows an echo
That is where I want to live

© Dallas J. Moore


Behind Your Eyes

Peel back your eyes
Open yourself up
To what’s inside
Go deeper inside your mind
To a place
Where the universe opens up,
And might swallow you whole

© Dallas J. Moore

Chaos Mind Only Five Copies Left

I don’t have a storefront, but I do have poetry books. I have written two books of poetry. My first book, Chaos Mind: Inspiration from Moments of Desperation was written and published in 2013. My second book Introspection: Deep Within The Frontal Lobe in 2015.

Since then I have been busy writing and trying to establish myself as a serious poet. I say that because I wrote and published my first book before almost anyone knew I was a writer and a poet. I typically start these type of things in life in backward order.

So tracking my inventory I have five copies of my first edition and the first book left. Because the number five is my favorite I’m selling the last five I have for $5.00. If you want a copy, please email me.

Also, if you are interested in first editions of my second book, I only have twenty copies left. Those are $10.00 each.

Here is my email address. mrdallasjmoore@gmail.com

Thank you for support me, my writing, and my poetry!

-Dallas J. Moore

Picture of Me

For once I see a clear picture of the future
I see myself
bent down
Looking at myself in a stream
I can see who I became
I can see the rocks and pebbles
of the past
below the water
And the welcoming fish
of tomorrow

© Dallas J. Moore